Thursday, November 19, 2015

North Carolina Here We Come


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We are headed to North Carolina For Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it?  A few more days and it will be Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is such a good holiday but it seems that it is being taken forgranted.  Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks.  Maybe that is something that is being left in the past like a lot of other things; giving thanks.  Just a little rambling there.
We just can't wait to see our daughter and her family.  The grandkids are so cute.  They just love us.  If they knew us better they might not love us as much.  But it just tickles me to death that they think we are special.  They are special to us.
North Carolina is pretty different from where we live.  We live in the lower states.  The cold weather is a break for us.  Huddling around the fireplace is really nice. 
All the people we have met from there are really cordial.  They make us feel at home. 
Are you doing anything special at Thanksgiving this year?  If so, leave a comment and let us know.  Take care.

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