Sunday, September 6, 2015

Try The New epantry: Introducing Baby Bundle

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Have you heard of the amazon epantry giveaway?  You can read all the details here.  Amazon has an epantry program that is really easy to use and can save you money.  Especially this new baby bundle deal they have going.

I just joined amazon prime and I really like it.  I have already saved quite a bit of money and this is my second month. Epantry is a way to buy grocery items for your home without having to buy big bundles of one item.  You can buy one can or one box of an item and put it in your epantry box.  You keep choosing items to put into your box and then amazon lets you know when the box is full.  There is a $5.99 shipping fee no matter what is in the box.  (I am pretty sure it is $5.99.  I will have to double check and let you know).

Moneysavingmom is running a giveaway on her blog for the baby bundle deal.  Check it out here.

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