Saturday, September 5, 2015

I have been trying my best to learn different ways to save money on my food bill.  Not just the food bill but all of our expenses.  But the food bill is the biggest.

I have checked out different sites on the web to see which ones would be the best fit for me.  I found  It is free to use.This site has a list of the grocery sales from all the stores in my area.  It gives a list of what is on sale and tells the percentage of what you will save.  Also, if there is a coupon for an item it shows where to get the coupon.  There is a link for any online coupons that match up with it.  You can download the coupon right there as you preview your list.

It has really helped me save money.  I won't say I have saved a fortune but my grocery bill has come down a few bucks.  I would have saved more but I get mixed up on some of the deals.  It can be hard to keep everything straight when you first start on a quest to save on groceries.  I have to just let the mistakes go.  I am learning.

The experts say to buy most of your items when they are on sale.  Then match up your coupons to the sales for that week.  If there is a really good deal on something you use on a regular basis then stock up on it if you can.

Another thing that helps me is to have a saving mindset.  I try to think through my purchases.  I ask myself if I really need it.  Then I try to decide the best store to buy it at.  I used to go to one store and that was it.  Now I try to go to different ones.  It helps that most of the stores in my area are all pretty close together and near my home.

At the first of the week I go to couponmom and see what the best sales for the week are.  Then I look for coupons to match up with the sales.  I study my list for each store.  Then later in the week I am ready to shop.  This way I have a better idea of where and what the best deals are.

If you have any tips that help you let me know in the comments.  Thanks

Until next time be blessed.

PS  This was a post I had on another site of mine.  I am working at scaling down to just one or two sites now.

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