Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Will Change in Your Life if You Change One Thought?

Do you keep hearing about changing your thoughts to improve your life? I do. I believe it is true; at least to a great extent. What if you worked on changing one thought? The one that drives you nuts? Maybe something happened years ago? Maybe something happened to you physically due to a bad accident. Or maybe someone hurt you that you trusted and you just can't forget about it. What if you worked on that one thought. When it comes to you at night make a conscious effort to think of something else. Or maybe think of the opposite of this thought that bugs you.

Maybe you feel you can't do something that you have been longing to do. Maybe you feel incompetent. What if you start thinking the opposite. Instead of thinking I can't do that because I am not smart enough you could start to think, "Hey, I am smart! I am able to do this and I am able to figure this out. I can do it?

What would change if you changed that one thought? I know it is not easy. I have problems sleeping at night and I relive the past. But what if I just start trying. Just maybe I could change one thought and then maybe later on another one.

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