Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let Everything Be Done in Love

"Let all your things be done with charity." 1Corrinthians 16:14

A reference in the Scofield Reference Bible says "Let all things be done by you in love."

Those words in the Bible are not always easy to do. Sometimes they are difficult. At least for me. I got a call from my son last night. He was anything but pleasant. I was so hurt and angry by what he said. I stewed and steamed most of the night. Finally I put it out of my mind.

This morning I started praying and asking God how to handle it. I knew what I wanted to do would not improve our relationship. I needed grace and wisdom. This verse came to my mind. It says everything we do should be done in love. Whether the other person does or not, this is what we are to do.

My preacher used to say that the reason it hurts so bad when a loved one hurts us is because we love them so much. He said we should be thankful for the love that is in our heart.

Now after reading this verse again I can see that I still need to reach out to my son. I am trying to understand his heart.

The Lord is good. He loves me when I am not loveable. That is how I should love others.

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