Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Closer to God by Reading His Word

Do you feel less in love with God than you used to?  Are you going through the motions:  going to church, sayng your bedtime prayers?  Taking care of your family? 

How can you become more dedicated, stronger in your faith?  I heard someone say that if you desire to be more dedicated than you are right now then read your Bible more.  Study your Bible more.  Pray more.

If you want to be a better cook you would start cooking more often.  You would find different recipes to try.  You would spend more time preparing meals.  Learning and practice would help you improve your cooking. 

To learn more about becoming a better, more spirit filled Christian you would use the same tactics.  Read your Bible, pray more, then put into practice what you have learned.

This is such a simple approach.  I have been making this too hard.  Have you?  Try a simpler approach.  Read and pray more.  Then let God bless your efforts.

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