Friday, June 1, 2012

Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder Review

      This book written by Kim Meeder speaks to women about true beauty.  True beauty comes from the inside.  It is not our looks.  We are constantly hearing the message that we are not good enough.  We need to be prettier, skinnier or wear certain types of clothing. 
     The author has woven her love of nature and animals into stories that help us understand what really matters in our lives.  One quote from the book is "We often chase after the world's definition of beauty and value and reject genuine worth offered by our Lord will we live in fantasies of our own creations or choose God's best purpose for our lives." 
     I truly enjoyed reading this book.  I needed to be reminded of what is important in this life.  I was given the book to read and review by blogging fofr books.  I hope to be able to read Kim Meeder's other books.

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