Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Works is a Love Sacrifice

I have written an article on Ezine articles about good works being a sacrifice to God. The artice is below.


Good Works Are a Love Sacrifice
By Karen Dobson

Are we doing good works? We do good works when we are willing to serve and to sacrifice for others. It is a love sacrifice.

We will be rewarded for our good works. When we do things for others we instantly are rewarded with the feeling of peace and of doing something honorable, of having helped someone else. But one day we will be rewarded in Heaven because God rewards us for our sacrifices and our good works.

When we do good works, it may not seem to others like we are sacrificing. It may not seem impressive. But you know the sacrifice you have made. You know what it has cost you emotionally or physically to do it.The person you do something for may not thank you and they may not appreciate it. But anytime you do something for someone else, God sees. He appreciates and rewards you for it.

One thing that is a small sacrifice for me is to write notes and cards and send them to people. It is hard for me to write by hand and it is something I have to make myself do. Somebody else may not see it as a sacrifice but I know how hard it is for me.

Sometimes the little things mean a lot. If you are a shy person like me, speaking to a stranger is difficult. But it may be just what the other person needs. That person may need a smile and a kind word. It might just change someone's whole day and make it better.

If you have in your mind that you want to help others, you will see opportunities all around you. Start with your immediate family and then go from there. It may be that helping someone else will be just the medicine you need to feel better yourself.

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