Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Change Your Life Now

I wrote an article and pubished it at It is about taking back control of your life. The article is below.

Change Your Life Now
By: Karen D. Dobson

Have you looked around and thought, "My life is out of control?" If so, maybe it is time to take inventory. Take some time to think about your life. Are there things in your life that you would rather not be there? Are they displeasing to God? Are there things you can change to make it better?

Are there things that have crept in without you realizing it? We can get so busy trying to do all the things we need to do each day that we forget what our lives are supposed to be about. Maybe it is time to simplify your life. Change your life now by getting rid of some things that don't need to be there.

Get a pen and a notebook out and get comfortable. Ask yourself some hard questions.

  1. What is in my life that should not be there? Maybe it is harsh words. Maybe it is an ungrateful heart. Unforgiveness can create a lot of feelings and attitudes that are not healthy. Make sure you deal with unforgiveness. Sometimes our lives are filled with too many activities and we don't have time to stop and think or prepare like we should.

  2. What would I like to add to my life?

  3. What would be helpful for me and my family?

  4. What would bring peace and laughter back?

Write your answers down and review them. Sometimes what we need to change is not really bad things but just not the best things.

Take time to think through what is important in your life. Write down what you feel God is impressing on your heart. Write these things down. Change your life daily by reading over these things each day.

Ponder on the ways God is blessing you. Think of the things you are doing right. Put it on paper so you can see it in black and white.

Sometimes there are things in our lives that we cannot change. We just have to accept them. These things stretch us and make us stronger.

Transform your busy life today into a more enjoyable and productive life.

K.D. Dobson is an observer of family life and maintains a blog at

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Carol said...

What a simple and yet post. I do a daily check and that includes the agenda of the day. It helps me mentally from getting out of control. Thanks, it is nice to see the practice in print.