Friday, March 6, 2009

Peanut Allergies are Serious

I had no idea how serious peanut allergies were until I found out my grandson was allergic to them. He had just turned one year old and found a little piece of peanutbutter cookie on the floor and ate it. Within minutes hives broke out on him and he started having a hard time breathing. My daughter called the pediatrition and she said to give him a children's liquid allergy medicine. It stopped it really quick.

Peanut Allergies are on the rise. The number of children with allergies to peanuts is almost doubled over the past five or six years. No one is completely sure why. There are dangers everywhere. The peanut oil used in frying at some fast food places. Crumbs from peanut butter sandwiches or cookies can lead to a reaction.

Protect your child by learning what the signs of a peanut allergy are. Some signs are hives, throat tightening, wheezing and or vomiting. If these happen, seek medical attention immediately. One online resource is Food Allergy Initiative.

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