Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Goals Add Up!

In a book by Mr. Norman Vincent Peale called "Enthusiasm Makes the Difference", Mr. Peale tells about a man that started a very popular magazine. When he set out to publish the magazine he had very little money. Him and his wife worked on it together. Most of his friends told him to give up. But he would not. He decided to start with small goals that he could reach. Each time he reached a goal it gave him the feel of success and it kept him going on to the next goal. All the little goals that he reached added up to a major goal. He calls this the "little goal philosophy". The man finally was able to publish the magazine called Ebony.

If you tackle the little goals you don't get discouraged and give up. You make progress that adds up to some pretty big stuff!

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Lisa said...

I am trying to set up my own blog; but can't figure out how to set up anything besides the template. Is there a website you used in order to figure out how to set all of this up.