Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fear is Removable

In Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's book "Enthusiasm Makes a Difference", he says that fear is removable. A primary factor to know about fear is that it is removable. Anger is removable. You can get over it. Depression is removable. Anything that is disruptive to human happiness and well being, anything that has fastened on to the human spirit is removable. Fix this in your mind. Hold on to it. No matter how many worries and anxieties harass you, remember always that they are removable. Enthusiasm with its immense mental and spiritual power can cancel out all fear. When you decide with God's help you can remove these things, then comes the process of removal. Deep within you is the power of self discipline. You must use it. First, listen to what you say. Then, each time you say something negative say "STOP". Then say the exact opposite of what you were going to say.

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