Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Don't Quit On Life Because God Has Your Back

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
— Luke 12:32

Have you had times that you just wanted to quit life?  You would love to stay in bed with the covers over your head?  I have.  Many times. 

Many times I have wanted to just pull the covers over my head and  hide.  In fact, there have been times when I actually have done that.  When my children were young and I was working full time it seemed so hard.  I felt that I had so many responsibilities.  I would come home and for just a few minutes I would lie down and put a pillow over my head until I could think again.

I am semi-retired now and I still want to do that sometimes.  The temptation is great. Being retired is not always peaceful and slow- paced.  It can be hectic and stressful.  It is harder to deal with things now that I am over sixty.

But I know that God has my back.  Even though I get frustrated and confused at times.  I still know that God is for me.  I am part of his flock.  He cares for me.  This knowledge keeps me going.  And going.

Ever have those kind of days?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you handle them.

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