Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day

My hat goes off to all our veterans.  They have made unbelievable sacrifices.  Their lives have been changed forever after what they suffered and went through.  Some of it so terrible that our brave veterans can't even talk about it.

May God bless you all.  Thank you for all you have given for our country.

I would like to pray for each one of our veterans.  Their families also have been through so much. 

Father God,
You know what our brave men and women have suffered.  You know what they are still suffering.  I ask your blessing on each one of them.  I ask you to touch suffering hearts and hurting bodies.  Please supply each one with the determination to keep going.  For those that need help either physically or mentally or spiritually I ask that you reach down from heaven and touch them and give them what they need dear Lord.

I ask that the families of our fallen men and women be comforted.  Help them to be at peace.  Give them people in their lives that will understand and help them.

For the families of our veterans that are still here with us I ask that you bless them.  Help there be understanding and peace in their families.

In Jesus name I pray

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