Monday, October 22, 2012

The Prayer Of Love ReviewDr. Hanby and Roger Roth Sr.

This book made me stop and think about my life.  The authors of this book bring out the importance of love in our lives.  They do it in such an interesting way.  The most important ingredient in every area of our lives is love. 

The authors use a portion of scripture that the apostle Paul used to pray over the new church that he founded and loved and cared for.  This portion of scripture gives us an outline of how to increase our ability to love.  We can live every aspect of our lives in deliberate love.

The book gives illustrations and stories that help us understand the importance of love in our own life and in all of society.  Love can truly change our world.

I found an excerpt in one section of the book that says: "To be sincere is not something you do but something you are." 

Each chapter in the book focuses on a different portion of this scripture.  It explains the portion  and makes it applicable to our lives today.

A copy of this book was given to me to review by the Demoss Group.  I have given my honest opinion."

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