Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Had The Best Father

I believe I had the best father in the world.  He was so in love with Mom.  He loved us kids.  There were four of us.  He seldom raised his voice at any of us even though I am sure it took great restraint.  I have so many good memories of him.  On his days off we would go to the lake to swim and have picnics.  Sometimes we would go the outdoor drive-in to see a movie.  That was rare though because it was hard to come by money to spare.  

Dad never complained about how hard he worked or how expensive things were.  He just did all kinds of things for us and with us.  He left a legacy of love for his kids and grandkids.
My Dad is gone now.  I miss him everyday.


the hammer said...

i'm glad you had a loving father.may God bless you ,Granny..."THE HAMMER"

Quiltingranny said...

He sounds like my husband. Now that we are raising 3 grandchildren he is amazing and never complains. Money is tight for us like so many and while our friends are taking trips, buying RV's and retiring, he works, I stay at home & we are happy! You were so blessed!