Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disposable Apron Review

I received a package of disposable bib aprons for review from Champain Plastics.  I was excited to get them.  I work in a juvenile detention center in the kitchen.  We are allowed 5 cloth aprons each.  We take them home and bleach them but it is very hard to keep them clean.  The owner of Champagne Plastics kindly sent  me the aprons to try.  I opened the package and tried one of the aprons on.  They look nice and they are roomy.  They have ties so you can tie them around your waist.  The ties are more than long enough for any size person. 
I don't know if any of you use aprons but these are so nice.  You can use them at home, church dinners, family gatherings, etc.

The company is located in Champaign, IL.  They also sell hats, face masks, gloves, beard covers, lab coats, and several other items.  If you are interested in their products, you can email them at  Or you can call toll free at

1-800-575-0170.  I looked through their catalog and the prices are very reasonable.

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