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New Year Resolution

New Year - Did You Make a New Year Resolution? How to Keep It

Do you have trouble keeping your New Year's Resolution? Here are some tips.

New Year - Did You Make a New Year Resolution? How to Keep It

By D Houston

Having finished off the New Year celebrations and had a great breakfast, did you make a new years resolution? Is it the same as last year and the year before? Many people around the world make a new years resolution but how many actually achieve it? Not many; in fact, lots of resolutions are broken within the first twenty four hours.

Knowing all of that, how can you make this New Year different from the ones before this one? It is simple to do, answer these easy questions:

1. Do you really what to accomplish this goal? Is this a goal that you think you should do or one that you really want to achieve? Think what benefits will you get from attaining this New Year resolution and write them down, to refer to when the going gets tough.

2. Plan how to achieve your goal and write this down, many people fail this easy first step and then give up very quickly.

3. Break your ultimate goal into small, easier steps. For example if your goal this year is to run a marathon, small steps towards this could be to plan your training, enter smaller runs through out the year, who are you going to train with, which runs are best in your area. Do you have the best running shoes for the terrain? What will motivate you to train when it is wet and cold? The most important question is when the New York Marathon is, and when you to need to apply for it, to get accepted. This is important as it is a lottery application for entry and many more people apply than there are places. Are there other marathons you could apply to for extra practice?

4. Keep a journal, diary or blog of your goals and progress. People who document their progress are more likely to attain their goals. Are there any good books or biographies about other people who have achieved the same goal as you, what wise words of advice do they give, in other words there is no need to reinvent the wheel see what other successful people have done before you.

5. Have pictures in your house or wallet of your goal. It could be a picture of the finishing line or of a medal.

6. Find out as much information about your goal as possible. Who else has achieved this goal, how did they do it, what motivated them to do it and other in depth.

7. Celebrate each small step towards your prize.

There is more to a new year resolution than declaring to your friends at a party that you are going to run the New York marathon and the more information you have about it, the more likely you are to achieve it. Knowledge is power and it is what will get you through to your goal. Sometimes the ultimate goal may seem far away so it is best to break it down into smaller weekly and monthly goals, to more easily track your progress. Small, achievable goals that lead towards your final end goal will get you there in the end.

Good luck with your New Year resolution.

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