Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give your Day to the Lord

Today I had made plans to meet a couple of ladies at the church to wrap up some baskets for the widowed men and women of our church. I was going to help put decorations up and things like that. I had to go to the Doctor first and then I headed out to the church. No one was there yet. So I left some things there for them to use.

They called and asked if I was coming so I went out there and I knew they were there because there vehicle was there and I could see the keys to the church hanging on the inside of the door. I knocked and knocked and could not get there attention. I called the church phone but it did not ring loud enough for them to hear. So I left again.

I had all these big plans for today and they did not work out. It reminds me that I don't really have control of my life. I might think I do but I don't. My life is in God's hands. He has a plan for my day. I just need to ask Him what it is and let Him be in charge. Just give your day to God and then if your plans don't go your way it's ok. It is a good day.

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