Wednesday, December 2, 2009

De-railed by Tim Irwin, Ph.D Book Review

Corporate executives that seem to be destined for greatness leave their positions with a black mark against them. In the book "De-railed" the author Tim Irwin explains that it wasn't for lack of education or experience. It was a lack of character that derailed these highly paid business men and women.

In his book Dr. Irwin sends out a warning to those who are leaders in the business world. It sends out a warning to watch for character traits in yourself that will cause a wreck of your life and career. There are six examples in the book of leaders who failed publicly. They failed for lack of self examination and self management. They each became arrogant and would not listen to others. Their downfall could have been prevented if they had seen the warning signs and heeded them.
This book would be a good read for anyone in a leadership role or anyone wanting to improve their lives. I would not have normally picked out this book to read but I enjoyed reading it and I would recommend it.
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