Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kids in the (Christmas Kitchen) Review

"Kids in the Christmas Kitchen-- Fun and Easy Cooking For Kids" by Cheryl Wright is an ebook filled with Christmas recipes that children can make fairly easily. It has lovely photos of her grandchildren. There are photos showing the children making cookies and other tasty treats in the kitchen.

There are instructions on the best way to prepare to bake goodies with the kids so there is the least amount of mess and fuss. She gives clear steps to follow for each recipe.

There are different types of Christmas recipes, some are no-cook and some go into the oven. I tried some of each. The recipes turned out nice and were easy to make. The Rum Balls were my favorite and my husband's also. He helped taste the cookies.

The author is from Australia so it was written in a slightly different language than what I was used to, like biscuits instead of cookies. Some of the measurements are different also but there is an explanation at the end of the book. It is still very easy to understand.

There is a total of 35 pages in the book. I enjoyed making the cookies and reviewing the book.

Her website can be found here.

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