Thursday, October 15, 2009

Depending On God

My little grandson is almost two. He is a good little boy. My daughter says he has started the terrible twos though. He has started saying "NO" very loudly when asked to do something. He also says "I Don't Want To!" loud and often. When she gives him his food to eat it is "I Don't Want It!" I have to smile. I know it is difficult for her and my son in law to deal with. They know what is best for him and love him with unbelievable love. But he thinks he knows best. If he doesn't get his own way he gets upset and pitches a fit.

I think that is how we do God sometimes. He knows what is best for us. He loves us with unbelievable love. He is all knowing. But we still want to do things our way. We want our own way and if we don't get it we pitch a fit. I don't know if God gets frustrated with us or not. But I do know we hurt Him. I know He wants what is best for us.

If we could only trust Him and believe He knows what is best for us. Things would be a lot better.

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