Monday, September 28, 2009

Teaching Children the Heart of God

Children are tought about God in many ways. They learn in Sunday School, church, their youth group and in other ways. But they get their main teaching in the home. It takes Moms teaching children and Dads teaching children.

We teach them by our actions and our words. We pray for them and with them. Praying with your children throughout the day helps them to see that God is concerned about everything in their lives.

Pray for everyday things and then thank God when He answers those prayers. This encourages children and helps them to see God loves them. It helps them understand that God sees the details of their lives. It also teaches them to be thankful.

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Tracy said...

I think you are so spot on.

We teach our kids about our faith by example. I pray that I not miss those opportunities that arise daily. When something distressing comes up, I try to have the habit of praying with my kids about the situation and turning it over to God, thanking Him that He is indeed the Blessed Controller of all things.