Monday, September 14, 2009

The Law of Recompence

The law of recompence is that you sow first and then you reap. If you have a package of seeds you have to plant them before they grow. After they grow you reap the benefits of planting the seeds.

If you have good intentions in your mind, these good intentions do not bear fruit until they are planted. If you plan to go to the nursing home to see someone there, you have to actually go to reap the benefit. Not only do you reap the benefit of helping someone, but they reap the benefit too. They are comforted by your actions. If you plan to send a letter to someone, you actually have to write the letter, put it in an envelope and mail it. Then you reap the benefit of doing something good for someone else. Then they also reap the benefit of a letter from a loved one.

Once we have sown something, we can never unsow it. It is done. You will reap either the benefit or consequence of your action. So will someone else. Either they will be helped by it or hurt by it. We will live with the outcome. Sometimes it takes years before you see the results of your actions.

Plant the good seeds. Plant the good deeds. Take the time. Make your harvest better and the life of someone else a little sweeter.

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