Monday, July 13, 2009

Times are Tough

I went to the store this evening and there was a man on the median holding up a sign that said "need work". He looked strong and like he was used to working. He seemed so sad. I went in the store and purchased a few small items that were on sale.

As I came out, a couple was sitting on a bench and asked for some change. I have seen them there before and knew they wanted money for beer.

This just hit me. I don't remember people in this area before asking for money or holding signs that said "need work". It is only recently that I have seen this.
I hear the talk on the news about lay offs. I hear about people loosing their homes. My husband and I are not rich or even close to it. We have a small mobile home in a quiet area that needs some work but it is finally paid for. We have a 1996 truck that runs good. We have food to put on the table. God is good to us. We don't deserve it but He just loves us.

All the bad news seems so far away from us. But this evening it does not seem so far away. I don't think I will forget the look in the man's eyes as I drove past him. I was not in a place where I could help him.

My husband and I have had some difficulties lately. We have been tested. It all seemed so hard. But it is nothing to what others are going through. My heart goes out to them.

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