Monday, July 20, 2009

God Uses Broken People

Sometimes we try so hard and keep falling. I know I do. I wonder why God cares about me. I just keep making messes.

God can use the broken things in our lives. I don't know how He does it. Some situations seem like they will never get better. But if we pray over it and ask God to take care of it, He will. It won't be in our time but in His time. It may not be exactly the way we want it but it will be the best way.

I fret and worry about things but I don't have to. I keep trying to remember to trust and have hope. He uses people who are not perfect; people with problems. He uses people who don't have it altogether.

I need to remember that people are not perfect. They say and do things that cause pain. But so do I. Most of the time I don't realize that I hurt someone. I have a feeling they are the same.

Every day is a new day. We can start all over again. We can have hope and joy in our hearts. That is what God wants for us.

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