Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trust God to Provide

As you proceed through your day in faith and expecting to see God work, God will provide for you. He gives you wisdom and strength.

Prepare, plan, pray, and proceed.
God will enable you to do the things you need to do. This will help you to go through the day without worry, knowing He will provide.

In review of "Loving God With All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George, I learned a lot about keeping my mind on truth and what is good. Mrs. Elliot has been in the trenches for many years. She was a missionary's wife until he was killed. She has suffered many things in her life and she told how she had bouts with depression. This made me realize that I was not alone. I was not a terrible person because of it.

Her suggestions and advice on thinking right and focusing on the moment have helped me to see some of my own problems are because of the way I think.

It is a well written book. I will have to read it again.

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Carol said...

I am often impressed at the writing I see in Bloggerville. Your review of this book was wonderful. Thanks and God Bless