Friday, May 29, 2009

Review of "A Pup Who Helps to Heal"by Dr. Marty Becker & Mikkel Becker Shannon

There was an article in the Parade section of the Tampa Tribune called “A Pup Who Helps to Heal” by Dr. Marty Becker and Mikkel Becker Shannon. In this article it told of a dog that had been found seriously abused. He had suffered from chemical burns all over his body. A passerby saw him and called for help. The officer that brought him in was thinking it might be more merciful to put him to sleep so the little dog would not have to suffer anymore. He visited the dog the next morning to see if he was still alive and one look into the dog’s eyes let him know they needed to try to save him.

The article says that over a year later, that little beagle dog had healed and that he was a message of hope to others every day.

In the article it told of Janice and Mike Martin. They are volunteers at the animal rescue organization and have been nursing dogs back to health for 15 years. When the dogs are well they find good homes for them. But when they saw Champ, the little dog, they knew taking care of him would be different. His flesh was red and raw. The little dog seemed to have no will to live at first.

Janice’s husband was suffering too. He had recently overcome kidney cancer when he had a massive heart attack. He had to go on disability and became very depressed. But he says he dedicated himself to Champ’s care. The dog cried out in pain as Janice and Mike put cream on his burns.

Slowly the little dog got well but he was very mistrustful of people. Mike helped him trust people and taught him how to play. He put his heart into helping Champ get well, and was getting well himself along the way.

When Champ was ready to be adopted they could not let him go. Today, the little beagle has a career helping others as a certified therapy dog. He goes to schools, hospitals and nursing homes. He has become a celebrity especially with children who have suffered burns.

Mike says that although he is still on disability, and Champ will always have scars, they refuse to let anyone keep them from experiencing a full life. He says he wants to show everyone that second chances are possible and the power of love and friendship is unlimited.

I really love articles like “A Pup Who Helps to Heal”. It shows that there are good people in the world. I think it encourages others that are going through adversity to not give up. There are second chances. As the article says, everyone can have a second chance. In reviewing this article I give it an A+.

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