Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Agree with Dr. Phil's Article "Make Your Family Stronger"

Dr. Phil wrote an article in The Tampa Tribune Parade. I don't always agree with what he says but I agree with him on this subject.

He talked about how families can draw closer together during these tough economic times. But this does not always happen. When money pressures start building up it causes a person to get worried and stressed out. This can cause someone to explode at who ever is around. Usually it is a loved one that is the line of fire.

It doesn't have to be that way. Don't let the stress and worry and money overcome you. Dr. Phil gives these tips:

  1. Forgive yourself. You got caught in a storm of conditions. You did not do something terrible.
  2. You're not alone. Don't draw into an emotional cocoon, stewing about your misfortune.
  3. Focus on the present. You may feel an almost overwhelming grief at all you have lost but this is the time to live in the here and now not yesterday.
  4. Make the hard decisions. If you need to sell the house or find a different type of job to stay afloat then do it.
  5. The silver lining. What if this financial crisis we are all facing is not all bad? What if it is like a fire which consumes what is in its path but sets off a new beginning? Seize this opportunity to use this to improve your life, your family bonds, and your feeling of self-worth.
These tips from Dr. Phil will help us all to grow closer as a family and survive this financial crisis. It will make us stronger if we let it.

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