Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Have a Good Day

Do you wish you could have a good day every day? Oh, there will always be aggravations and interuptions but wouldn't it be nice to get through each thing and not get all upset?

One thing that determines how your day will be is the attitude you have when you get up in the morning. Try to give yourself five minutes in the morning. In that five minutes don't worry about the day or allow yourself to feel rushed. Just take five minutes to think of each person you are going to meet, and pray for that person.

Then commit your day to God and get going!

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Carol said...

I think your advice is so great. I try to think of my life and the good things that happen in it. I think of my husbands breathing, my warm bed and how blessed I am to have this much peace. It is hard to get up in a bad mood.