Monday, March 23, 2009

Help Teaching Sunday School

I teach Sunday School at our church. I enjoy it but it is work. I often wonder if I am getting through to my little students. I try to go over my lesson and prepare as much as I can. But sometimes I feel there is something missing.

I found a free Mini-Course on Great Bible Teaching. It has some good information that I want to put into practice. It is written by Glen Brooke and brings out four points required for Great Bible teaching.

  1. Excellent lesson content

  2. A prepared teacher

  3. Receptive students

  4. Teaching as a means to convey God's truth

In his material he says the first critical questions is : What should you teach? Your students need to receive instruction, correction, and training that comes from the Bible.

There are two basic ways to creat a lesson:

  • Create your own lesson from Bible study that you have done.
  • Use or adapt a pre-made lesson someone else has created.

If you are interested in this free ecourse please click below.

Click Here!

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