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How Do You Measure the Success in Your Life

Are you successful? What is your idea of success? How do you measure the success in your life? In the article below it explains success by the value you give to others. It made me stop and think. How do I see success? Is it by the amount of money I have? Is it by the style of clothes I wear or the house that I live in? I think this will explain things in a different light.

Your Successes in Life Are Measured by the Value You Give to Others
By Joseph Jackson

In my opinion, the best way to help others is anonymously. (Anonymously means that no one except you ever knows about it.) You just do something that helps the other person, and you don't expect any thank you for it. Your thanks comes from the fact that you just feel better because you helped them.

That is one way you measure the value of your own life.

Remember: When you help someone up, you're pulling her or him to your level. You help them become a better person. It doesn't matter if they know it or not.

Another reason to help others is because they're less fortunate than you. When you are successful in life it's important that you give something back. True happiness comes from sharing and when you have an abundant life sharing only makes sense.

Here are some ideas for helping another person:

* When friends are feeling sad the best thing you can do to help is let them talk about their problem. Don't say a word, the important thing is just listening. You'll find that act of friendship is important to them. (This also works for sisters and brothers.)

* When someone is hungry, and you have more to eat than you need, give them some food.

* When you see someone fall, help her or him up.

* When you see someone having trouble because they have too much to carry, offer to carry some of their things.

* When it's raining, share your umbrella.

* When someone is thirsty, give her or him a drink.

* Donate things you no longer use or need.

* Donate a part of the money that you make during your life.

There's always an opportunity to help somebody. Look for the need and eagerly fill it.

Finding ways to help in an anonymous way might be tough. Sometimes you must work hard to find ways to help people without them knowing. Of course, when you work harder at finding those ways to help someone without them knowing, you always become a better person because of it.

It's easy to give money anonymously. Just give cash and don't tell them who you are. Put money in the tray at church, leave it at a homeless shelter or give it to any charity you feel strongly about. There are plenty of them.

The work comes when you look for anonymous ways to give something other than money. Check out these suggestions:

* Help an older person cross the street. Don't tell them your name.

* When you see someone drop something pick it up and sneak it back to her or him. Do it right and they won't even know they dropped it.

* When you see someone with a sad face, give her or him a great big smile.

* Write a letter telling someone how great you think they are. Just don't sign it. They'll feel wonderful - even when they don't know where the letter came from.

When you give something back you help make the world a better place -- a happier place.

What do you think would happen if everyone did that?

Joseph Jackson retired at the early age of 46, and now travels in his recreational vehicle, hitting scuba, camping, and kayaking destinations for playtime.

He enjoys writing reports and books to pass on his experience and knowledge to help others succeed. He also searches for, and makes available, products that improve the enjoyment of his playtime activities.

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